Seniors: What should you do during summer?

You’re a Senior now, and hopefully you’re working so you can earn some extra spending money. Make sure that your Financial Aid is all figured out and done. If you’re getting a student loan, you have to make sure that all of paperwork has been done over the summer, so that when school starts you can collect your loan.

Another thing you should do as a Senior is sign up for Orientations! Go to orientations, so you can get the classes you want, get your roommate, and get everything you need so you’re prepared for school.

Juniors: What should you do during summer?

Beginning in June, you can get started writing your personal statement. Your personal statement for both the UCs and private colleges is practically the same thing. Essentially, it is, “What has happened in your life that has made a difference or has made you what you are today.” (I.E.: A challenge, an obstacle, or a risk you’ve taken.) By writing that general essay, and starting to write your drafts in June and July, you’ll be much more prepared for going into school, and you can shape that essay to work for almost any school. So yes, it is important.

The other important thing is decide what schools you’d like to apply to. Also, you can strategize whether you should take the ACT in September, the SAT in October, and your whole game plan in general.


Freshmen and Sophomores: What should you do during summer?

What you may want to consider is whether or not you should be going to Summer School, a Community College class to enrich yourself? You can do that online, through the Community College, or if your district offers Summer School, and that’s a great way to get yourself ahead.

Other than that, you want to volunteer, work, do something over the summer to create your brand. Take whatever your passion is, and spend your next couple months working so that you can get ready for school.

If you’re going to be in Honors or AP courses, you may have summer reading to do, so you may want to find out what that reading is, preparing you to go to school.