Each year Closing the Gap selects, supports and funds local programs that provide college readiness services to underserved public high school students in the Sacramento area.

We are most interested in programs that work collaboratively and support developing college-going cultures while providing academic services such as tutoring, counseling and SAT preparation. Closing the Gap focuses funding for programs in areas where they are most needed and can be most impactful – working collaboratively for the students’ best interests.

Applications are currently being accepted for the 2019-2020 school year. Please review the application requirements below for submitting proposals.

Request for Proposal

Application Contents

• Scope of Program for 2019-20
• Selection Criteria
• Eligibility

1. General Information
2. Executive Summary
3. Community Need
4. Purpose of the Project
5. Impact
6. Collaboration

7. Action Plan
8. Project Funding Plan
9. Sustainability
10. Evaluation
11. Organizational Competence
12. Financial Information for Organization

13. Board of Directors
14. Verification of 501(c)3 status
15. Schedule and Format Guidelines
16. Final Selected Organizations
17. Where to send proposals

Scope of Program for 2019-20

This Request for Proposal invites the non-profit community to apply for grants in the
amount of $1,000 to $10,000. Closing the Gap (CTG) intends to award grants to as many organizations as possible that provide
measurable impact on the education achievement gap in the Sacramento region. While CTG’s vision is to
support youth of all ages to achieve by reaching their highest potential, the focus in 2019
is to support college readiness activities for junior high and high school students.

Selection Criteria

In 2019-2020, CTG will focus on programs assisting students in grades eight through twelve,
that address:

• The academic achievement gap in critical need areas in the community and
• Prepare and inspire junior high and high school students to attend college or vocational schools

Special interest will be given to proposals that offer opportunities to leverage other funds
or forge partnerships that will increase the impact of CTG funds.


• Only organizations that qualify as 501(c)3 entities under the Internal Revenue Service Code will be considered for funding.
• Funding requests for endowments and projects outside of the Sacramento area will not be considered.
• Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender physical ability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief and organizations that serve an exclusively sectarian purpose will not be considered.


Please follow the guidelines below. A committee will review each proposal based on your ability to address the criteria and guidelines listed below.

Please present information in the following order:

1. General Informationshould be identified on page one.

• Name and address of organization submitting the proposal
• Name, email and telephone number of executive director and the primarycontact person
• Year of incorporation
• Mission of organization
• Population and number of people served by organization
• Size of organization’s budget
• Size of project budget, if different
• Number of staff – full time and part time
• Number of volunteers
• Brief (one or two sentence) summary of the purpose of the project

2. Executive Summary: Provide a summary of the proposal, not to exceed half a page. Include the amount of funds you are requesting and describe how these funds will be used to assist you in carrying out your mission.

3. Community Need: Provide a brief description of the community needs, not to exceed one half of a page. Please include a description of the challenges in the community that this project proposes to address.

4. Purpose of the Project: Describe your program mission, program goals and activities in two to three pages in length. You should address how this project will address the criteria identified by the Closing the Gap Foundation as well as how this proposal will address the community need(s) identified in item number three. In addition to this please discuss the following:

  • Program Impact:
    • What is the anticipated impact of this project on those you will be serving?
    • How willthe CTG funding assist you in addressing your long-term project goals?
  • Collaboration:
    • Are there any similar existing projects or organizations that are addressing the same need?
    • If so, please identify them, and describe how you are or might collaborate with these other programs to address your program goals.
    • If not, how is your project unique?
    Action Plan: Describe thehow the activities, staff needs, and timeline for this project will assist you in meeting the goals of this project.

5. Project Budget: Provide a project budget, aligned with the action planabove including how a CTG grant would be used. (CTG will give special attention to organizations that utilize funding provided by CTG within one year.)

6. Sustainability:Please address plans for the long-term sustainability of thisproject. If applicable, identify other sources offunding that you have applied for or have received in support of this project.

7. Evaluation: Provide a description of your evaluation plan which includes:

• A formative (5-month review) and summative overview of your project.
• A list of activities and outcomes.
• The measurements used to ensure that the outcomes are met through the activities identified in this project.

8. Organizational Competence: Describe your programs capacity to implement the project you are proposing. You should address the following:

• Governance structure
• Staffing
• Familiarity with the targetpopulation, track record of success, etc.
• Please include a short (one paragraph)biography of the Executive Director and/or the project/program manager.

9. Financial Information for Organization:

• Include the organization’s currentyear operating budget;
• A summary of actual income and expenses for the past twoyears;
• The most recent balance sheet; and a list of funding sources and amounts received from these sources over the past two years.

10. Board of Directors: Include a list of the current officers and directors of theorganization and their affiliations.

11. Verification of 501(c)3 status: Include a letter from the IRS confirming yourtax-exempt status

Schedule and Format Guidelines

• Deadline: Thursday, May 9, 2019.

The proposal and all supporting materials must be received by email or in the Closing the Gap Foundation Office no later than 5 p.m. on May 9, 2019.

• Submit 2 copies. Do not bind or staple the proposal or attachments.
• Please paginate the proposal including all attachments, handwritten page numbers are acceptable.
• Proposal must be signed by one of the following: The Executive Director, CEO of the organization, or the Chair/President of the Board of Directors.
• There is no page limit, but completeness and brevity are appreciated.

All proposals and supplemental information will be reviewed in full by the Closing the Gap Grant Committee.

Site Visits

Organizations selected from the committee’s initial assessment will have site visits and/or presentations scheduled in May/June 2019. Site visits are an opportunity to highlight your program and allow evaluators to ask questions and request additional information.

Announcement of Awards

The grant awards for Closing the Gap will be announced by July 2019. A formal reception for awardees will be held in September 2019.

Final Selected Organizations

Final organizations selected for a CTG award are required to submit a project overview that specifies the main goals of the program and how progress will be measured. This information will be included in CTG marketing materials and featured in the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the selected organization and Closing the Gap.
CTG requests a progress report one year after receiving the grant and may request a site visit to discuss the on-going impact of the grant on the program and the community.

Send completed & signed proposals by May 9, 2019 to:

Closing the Gap
c/o Delegata
2450 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 400
Sacramento, CA 95833
Or Email